Hi. I’m Nicci. Freelance Writer for Hire.


And I’m here to help.

From content to inbound marketing and compelling copy:

Words are my business.

Finding the right words and building relationships with an clients can be hard and time-consuming. From envisioning a content and and marketing strategy to maintaining relationships with your clients on top of all the other work running a business involves, it can be overwhelming and confusing to keep it all straight.

This is where I come in.

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Your Message + My Words = Polished Content with the Results You Want


Nicci Anna Kilcoyne

When we work together, you can be assured that I will:

  • Listen carefully to your needs and wants
  • Convey your message with your target reader in mind
  • Pay attention to maximizing SEO so you see results
  • Deliver polished, well-researched  content in a prompt manner
  • Write engaging material that attracts and delights
  • Employ the best inbound marketing practices to make sure your visitors convert to clients

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Featured in 2019 Spring Issue: Gather