What Good Copy Is and Why You Need It

What is “good” copy?

“A copywriter should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them.” -George Gribbin”

What Good Copy is and Why You Need It.png

Good copy, the kind that resonates with readers is written with an understanding for whom it is created. A skilled copywriter doesn’t just set out to sell a product or call a reader to action, she seeks to understand the needs and wants of the reader and the benefits she can highlight with her words to meet those needs and wants.

Copywriting is the beginning of a trusted relationship – or a suspicious one.

Do the words resonate? Is the piece well-researched before it is well-written? Can you trust what the writer is saying?

Good copy spells out benefits and features plainly and honestly. It doesn’t drag you all over the place, leading you on and making promises it can’t keep. The writer has to know the business she represents and she has to seek to understand the representation of the realized, and potential, consumers.

Yes, copy involves good grammar, steller headlines, and SEO. Yes, there needs to be a concrete call to action. And yes, it needs to grab (and keep) the reader’s attention.

But above all, good copy puts the reader first. The reader should always walk away trusting that you have somehow helped them. The reader will go where you are leading them because they trust you- because you are trustworthy. That’s good copy with integrity that will keep a reader coming back for more. And that’s why you want it in every aspect of your business.

Looking for that kind of copy to boost your reach and/or sales?

Let’s talk about it and see how I can help.

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