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The Littered Landscape

“We are a planet of publishers, but many of us are littering the landscape with content crap, squandering the whopping opportunity we have to communicate directly with those we are trying to reach”

Ann Handley

The littered landscape of the world wide web needs cleaning up. There’s no doubt that we’ve exchanged quality communication for gimmicks and insincere dialogue.

People everywhere are looking for trustworthy companies that can give them real solutions to their real problems. Why must they search so hard?

Recently, I was watching what I thought would be the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I have fond memories of watching this televised event every year with my family as the scrumptious aromas of the day’s feast wafted through the air.

The highlight of the parade, of course, was the massive balloons of our beloved cartoon characters. We would point and squeal whenever a new one would come into the camera’s view. Everyone, from the smallest child to the eldest adult enjoyed this time together around the television.

Sadly, the parade nowadays is nothing more than a vehicle for the network to promote its rising stars and up and coming shows. You’re lucky if you get even a glimpse of the actual parade now. It’s nothing more than one big sales pitch for ratings.

How does this relate to writing??  If content is still king, then we are living in a time where we are sorely lacking. Good quality content isn’t litter. It doesn’t add to an already cluttered landscape with more junk. No, good content has real value. And we can do better.

The content of my beloved parade years ago is what kept me tuning in year after year. I didn’t just walk away with an appreciation for the floats and balloons. I walked away with an admiration for those who took so much time to make it special. As a child, I watched the bands from all over the country perform during that parade and came to appreciate the music that came from them. It was exciting to dream that, one day, I might go see the parade in person or even be in the parade myself. My memory store is filled with moments of time well-spent with family.

Content, no matter what kind, has the power to infuse a person with MORE. More knowledge, more understanding, more feeling, more connection. Whether we are writing copy, content, sales letters, screenplays, or a lineup for a famous parade, it should be to benefit the eyes that read it.

And it starts with us. The writers. Is what we offer the world valuable and beneficial? Do our words shape content into something that the reader can use?

Let’s start cleaning up the littered landscape of the web and make words beautiful and useful again. Let’s actually benefit someone with our skills. If we can do better, then let’s do better.

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